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Frutos 3G, was be founded in 1990 by the members of a familiar business started in 1947.

Originally, the activity of this company was buy almonds, walnuts and peanuts in shell to the farming of Valencia. These products were cracked and sorted in order to be sold for the warehouses owner. In 70s, the Company changed this activity and began to import some nuts and peanuts from other countries and at the same time, bought machineries in order to fry and roast products.

During the 90s members of the family decided to create a new affair with their experience and with a larger vision about the elaboration and distribution concepts. At the middle of this decade, began to made news packaging adapted for different selling points, new services was offered as stocking, roasting, frying, and packing of walnuts, seeds and nuts for other companies, started the exportation into the European Union.

At this moment, a renovation and an increase of the installations are made letting us to work with a better "Just in Time", and a better flexibility in the elaboration of products, implant at the same time: the APPCC (Control Critical Points) and consequently the IFS (International Food Standard) in our factory with the objective to obtain the maximal security in the process for produce and/or manipulate the foodstuff.

The installations of the company have 2.700 m2 and are divided in three groups:

C/ Alcacer, 46 bajo Pgno. Ind. La Lloma
C/ Sierra Perenchiza, 26
Frutos Toga,
Puesto n║ 3 Mercovasa
46014 Valencia 46970 Aldaya, Valencia 46540 El Puig, Valencia
Tel: + 34 963 503 899 Tel: + 34 961 503 200 Tel/Fax: + 34 961472661
Fax: + 34 963 503 966 Fax: + 34 961 503 168  

During the present year 2008, we have done a refrigerator with a storage capacity of up than 1.800m3 with controlled temperatures, and then, implant metal detectors in our automatic packing line according with our process of continuous improvement.

Principal Activities:
  • Import/Export nuts, peanut and seeds.
  • Roast of nuts and seeds.
  • Packing of nuts, seeds and another similar product.
  • Services of stockage, roasting, frying and packing for others companies.
  • Stockage and distribution point of fruits and vegetables.
Frutos 3G Sdad. Ltda.- C/Alcácer 46b 46014 - Valencia - Espa˝a - Tel. +34 963 503 899 / Fax. +34 963 503 966