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The activities that make FRUTOS 3G S.L. are the following:



Fruits 3G makes at your availability our service of storage of raw materials thanks to find us in a strategic logistics point near all the distribution points by air, sea or earth.

Of this form also you can have our service of load/unload of merchandise, management of orders/customers (so that you could use your time solely in maintaining or finding your customers), surely of merchandise (obligatory) etc. making the function of Distributor of its products of form simple and effective with no need to obtain an expensive own warehouse.

Our service contemplates the fulfilment of the Spanish Regulation EC 178/2002 on the "Traceability" following this scheme of performances:
  • As much in our packages (or they are bags or coats) as in the secondary packages (boxes/ palets) it appears the lot number and date of lapsing in addition to the bar code corresponding to each article.
  • Accompanying the merchandise you will find the letters patent where the lot number will also be identified corresponding to each article. In case of having several lots different from the same given merchandise you will be identified separately indicating the units that are given corresponding to each lot.
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FRUTOS 3G S.L. counts on lines of Roasting and drying of nuts that basically is formed by the mixer (it mixes products with salt or pickling brine), furnace (in continuous process by means of tapes and hot air where the products are dried, dehydrated or toasted) and cooling tape (so that the product can be packaged directly).

According to the speed of product entrance and the time of it roasts we can obtain several types of roasts adaptable to your tastes or necessities.

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The oils that we used normally for our line of frying are as much the sunflower oil as the olive oil (the second generally used for products gourmet).

Consequently to our policy of company, the two oil classes are free of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism).

During the frying in oil bath, the oil does not penetrate from the beginning in the food of the baking, but as of the moment at which the water that contains the food has evaporated, that means during only 1/3 of the baking, the oil penetrates in the food. When slipping the food before consuming, the part of oil that is consumed is the one that has penetrated in the food.

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Plastic Material:

  • Our lines of packaging in plastic material are designed for our lines of products, and in addition, this allow us to offer a great flexibility to our customers:

    • We have that are the following ones:

      • Automated line for the weighting of high accuracy constituted by a multimall for the rank from 50g until 2500g.
      • Line of weighting and packaging by stretching for the rank of 2500g until 10000g.
      • Also, to the weighting and packaging of 25kg until 1000kg we have electronic scales of high accuracy.

In coats of jute, plastic o raffia according to the necessities of the customer from 20Kg to 25Kg.

Crystal packaging Our line of Crystal Packaging is exclusively designed for our Gourmet Line Valle del Sol.

In Big-Bag. For products destined to be reprocessed.

In Vacuum. For products of high range.

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