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M.A.P. Modified Atmosphere Packaging
Frutos 3G offers the possibility to improve the average life of the products using an innovative and efficient method called MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging).
MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) is a natural shelf-life-enhancing method that is growing rapidly on an international scale. It often complements other methods. The correct gas mixture in modified atmosphere packaging maintains high quality by retaining the original taste, texture and appearance of the foodstuff. The gas atmosphere must be chosen with due consideration of the particular foodstuff and its properties. For low-fat products with a high moisture content, it is especially the growth of micro-organisms that has to be inhibited. On the other hand, should the product have a high fat content and low water activity, oxidation protection is the most important The MAP gas mixtures usually consist of the normal air gases: carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2). Micro-organisms growth can also be inhibited to a certain extent with the help of other gases such as nitrous oxide, argon or hydrogen. Each of the gases has its own unique properties that affect its interaction with the foodstuffs. The gases are used in mixed atmospheres, in suitable proportions or by themselves. CARBON DIOXID: Carbon dioxide is the most important gas in the field of MAP technology. Most micro-organisms such as moulds and the most common aerobic bacteria are strongly affected by carbon dioxide. The growth of anaerobic micro-organisms, on the other hand, is less affected by this gas atmosphere. Carbon dioxide inhibits microbial activity by effectively dissolving into the foods liquid and fat phase, thereby reducing its pH, and by penetrating biological membranes, causing changes in permeability and function. NITROGEN: Nitrogen is an inert gas. It is primarily used to replace oxygen in packaging and thereby prevents oxidation. Owing to its slow solubility in water, nitrogen also helps to prevent package collapse by maintaining internal volume. OXYGEN: For most foodstuffs, the package should contain as little oxygen as possible to retard the growth of aerobic micro-organisms and reduce the degree of oxidation. However, there are exceptions (Oxygen helps to preserve the oxygenated form of myoglobin, which gives meat its red colour)
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